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Destiny – Episode Three, The House of Classical Judaism

  • February 29, 2024


    • Rabbi Reinman

      May 12, 2024

      The universe cannot be infinite, because you cannot have an infinite number of cubic feet of empty space. You cannot have an infinite number of anything finite. When scientists say the universe is infinite, they mean that you cannot reach its end. It curls in on itself like a circle, so that eventually you come back to where you were. I only brought Chazal to show that they discerned this logical truth. They supported their logical conclusion with a passuk “from the end of the heavens to the end of the heavens” which implies that the universe has ends, and they said that we should not speculate about what lies beyond those ends. Even if the universe curls in on itself, it still has ends at the edges of its finity.

      • Rabbi Reinman

        Apr 4, 2024

        When you get on a plane, how do you know that the pilot is not drunk? You really have no conclusive proof unless you give him a breathalyzer test, but a rational person makes a reasonable assumption. That is how we live. The philosophical proofs offered were all in the best case are very reasonable assumptions, as the Rambam points out in Moreh Nevuchim. but they still leave room for the diehard denier. If my mathematical proof is correct, it also conclusive.

        • Rabbi Reinman

          Mar 26, 2024

          China is a large powerful and very important country, but it does not project imperial power onto the rest of the world. China has no aspirations of establishing military bases in Europe, Africa or the Americas. It has no aspirations to having its fleets patrol the seven seas. It books, films, music and culture do not influence the culture of the rest of the world. It has a huge army to defend itself and to dominate its neighborhood, including Taiwan which is not only in its neighborhood but is actually historically part of China. It played a role in World II as a victim of Japanese regional imperialism and part of worldwide conflagration ignited by nations in the Imperial Quadrant. China traditionally views itself as the Middle Kingdom, meaning between heaven and earth. It does not consider itself part of the rest of the world. Its involvement in world politics is solely to ensure a steady supply of raw materials and large markets for its products. Otherwise, it is very insular.

          • Rabbi Reinman

            Mar 22, 2024

            The Torah and the covenant are one and the same. We have a covenant to keep the Torah ion exchange for being God's chosen people. People who do not keep the Torah are not released from the covenant. They are still obligated to live by the Torah even of they do not fulfill that obligation. They are still part of the Jewish people. However, laxity in observance or complete failure can lead to assimilation during which their Jewish identity is obliterated and they dissolve into the other nations. I think the scientific proof is better because it cannot be disputed. Philosophical proofs, no matter how persuasive, are always open to argument. Rav Mattisyahu zatzal, my friend and chavrusa, once told me that Rav Eliyahu Lopian claimed he could refute any argument. How? He could just shrug and say, "Pah!" ליצנות אחת דוחה מאה תוכחות I offer my 9interpretation. I believe דולקת means brightly lit. I also explain other details inthe text that the others do not address.


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