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Hesterville Chapter 3                                          Thoughts from a Foxhole


Above all else, I am a Torah scholar. This is where I live, where I find the fulfilment of my passion. Forty years ago, I published Shufra Dishtara, a study of the philosophy of Talmudic contractual law, written in the traditional Hebrew-Aramaic dialect of Talmudic scholarship. The sefer (Torah book) earned beautiful letters of approbation from the leading sages of the time and became very popular in the international yeshivah world. Over time, it became part of the canon of Torah literature, which ensures that it will be studied for hundreds of years. This is the ultimate measure of success for a work of Torah.

In the intervening years, I have published Shufra Dishibuda, a study of the philosophy of Talmudic laws regarding liens and obligations, Shufra Dibreira, a study of the philosophy of Talmudic law regarding conditional transactions, and Abir Yosef al Hatorah, a Biblical commentary based on Rashi’s explanations. Because I write about everything that I learn, I have also accumulated many unpublished manuscripts that are moving toward eventual publication.

The full texts of all of my Torah works, published and unpublished, are posted on the website. As the unpublished works move toward publication and undergo changes and additions, the newer versions will replace the older versions.

The cost of producing these sefarim is high. Furthermore, and for the most part, they are distributed gratis and at great expense to many hundreds of yeshivahs and shuls in Israel and in the New York metropolitan area. It would be very helpful, therefore, if the public participated generously.

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