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Destiny – Episode Two, Houses in a Valley

  • February 29, 2024


    • Rabbi Reinman

      Mar 19, 2024

      I do not think that looking at events in the past is exohistorical by virtue of their having taken place in a world we did not inhabit. Unless we suspect falsification of the record, the recording of the bare facts of what occurred in the past is a simple chronicle. It is neither endohistorical nor exohistorical. It is the context in which we view those events, the beating heart of history, that is either endohistorical or exohistorical. You are right, however, that we always have a composite view. When we think about the Greeks, Romans, Christians and Muslims, our exohistorical view informs our endohistorical view of our own history. Thank you for writing. I will add a paragraph or two to the second chapter. This is exactly what I had in mind by the participation of the audience in the writing of the book.

      • Rabbi Reinman

        Mar 18, 2024

        You are right. The first 100 pages or so should be disregarded. He is only regurgitating the standard Wellhausen disparagement of the Bible. When we reach the 19th century we will discuss the goals and fallacies of the schools of biblical criticism. In the meantime, I suggest you read my book The Hesterville Bible trial, which covers a good part of the material.

        • s sendler

          Mar 19, 2024

          Johnson himself was rather dismissive of the Wellhausen school (See for example, or perhaps don't see! - pg. 27), but your point holds true regardless.


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