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About Rabbi Reinman

About Me

Rabbi YY Reinman
Welcome to my world. In the following pages, you will have the opportunity to explore the full range of my work. I presented myself on the home page as “student, thinker, writer,” because that, I believe, captures me in a nutshell. At heart, I am a student thirsty for knowledge of every kind, first and foremost all Torah and Torah-related topics, but also history, geography, philosophy, science, mathematics, linguistics, literature, poetry, foreign languages and more. I analyze everything I learn in the course of my studies, and then I preserve my conclusions in writing.
Rabbi YY Reinman

Over the past half century, I have written more than fifty books in many fields and styles in different languages, and I also have numerous as yet unpublished writings. My website will introduce you to all of them.

The impetus for this website is The Destiny Project, which originated with a book I wrote many years ago and which I am revising and expanding in conjunction with this series of video presentations, as I will explain on the Destiny page.

With God’s help, I also hope to post my memoirs periodically on this page, chapter by chapter.


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